Taqeef launches new e-shop to address cooling needs in the UAE
Jun 04, 2020
To meet this demand, Taqeef created an online channel designed to replicate their showroom experience.
Eurovent warns against the “careless” local implementation of ventilation installations
Mar 09, 2020
“We are seeing enormous pressure on all parties in the sector.”
Taqeef puts focus on education around STEM subjects
Nov 12, 2019
The iMatter programme will feature a more climate-focused curriculum for 2019-2020.
MEP Engineered S01E28 | Bad AC habits exposed
Aug 07, 2019
Wasteful AC habits are having a negative imapct on the environment.
UAE residents urged to improve AC usage habits in battle against climate change
Aug 04, 2019
Poll finds that over half of people admitted to leaving the AC on in their home during the summer when they travel.
Taqeef commissioned poll reveals wasteful AC consumption habits of UAE residents
Jul 24, 2018
The poll revealed that a quarter (25%) leave their AC on at home all day while they are out at work.
VRF roundtable: Disadvantages of district cooling for villas
Jan 28, 2018
VRFs still the first choice in air-conditioning when it comes to villas, experts stated at a roundtable held on 10 January, 2018, organised by MEP Middle East and sponsored by Midea
Cooling expert warns against 'shallow retrofits'
Sep 04, 2017
Some developers and owners continue to "opt for quick fixes", instead of "taking on the costs" of a comprehensive revamp, a Taqeef official tells ConstructionWeekOnline

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