“If the mindset is ‘modular first’ from day one, then savings are guaranteed”
Feb 11, 2020
Such has been MACS’ success in the market that Badawiyeh believes the future of building, and the security of MEP contractors, lies in modular and prefabrication.
Turning it up to the MACS: UAE-based prefabrication specialists build on success
Feb 11, 2020
Manager for the modular systems division and engineering department at MACS Bashar Sharqawi on modularisation in the MEP sector.
Is prefabrication a fab new way of building?
Feb 10, 2020
Market research company Frost & Sullivan expects the market to expand at a sturdy CAGR of 6.3% until 2025.
Prefabrication offering construction industry simple efficiency
Feb 10, 2020
Prefabrication anticipated to expand its market share as Middle East moves towards modern building methods
Booking jobs at the wrong price and inefficient execution is hampering firms across the sector
Nov 04, 2019
There is also a need to address the challenge of attracting the right talent, as the industry is not found attractive by millennials.
Complex projects pushing construction sector towards prefabrication
Mar 18, 2018
With the amount of complex projects coming up, Robbie Nelson, modular systems division manager, BK Gulf, says that prefabrication, as a method of construction, is catching up
How modular construction can reduce waste on site
Mar 06, 2018
MEP Middle East visits KEF Infra One Park — an off-site construction facility in India revolutionising the MEP and construction sector
BIM to help drive prefabrication, expert says
Feb 11, 2018
Christine O’Callaghan, commercial manager, Off-Site Engineering Solutions

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