Growing demand for energy-efficient products in the region

On the backdrop of The Big 5 show, Giorgio Menegazzi, group marketing director for DAB Pumps, talks about the demand for energy-efficient products in the region

Giorgio Menegazzi, group marketing director for DAB Pumps.
Giorgio Menegazzi, group marketing director for DAB Pumps.

Italian firm DAB Pumps offers reliable and user-friendly solutions, in addition to new services and technologies that are capable of utilising the advantages of renewable energy. Giorgio Menegazzi, group marketing director for DAB Pumps, says: “We direct our attention to the needs of our customers and their environment by presenting ourselves as an innovative and competitive international partner. With over forty years of know-how in the water distribution and management sector, our solutions are perfectly aligned with the specific needs of a territory that requires a green vision in order to respond to the current and future requirement of water supply by meeting the regulatory efficiency provisions.”
Menegazzi says that at his firm energy efficiency is the basic principle. The firm’s predisposition towards green technology is in line with the transformation that Dubai, and the Middle East in general, is experiencing.
Talking about the business plans in the GCC region, Menegazzi adds: “We have very ambitious plans based on a dynamic entrepreneurial approach and a vision strongly focused on the future. Our commercial strategy and an in-depth market study have further strengthened our ‘Think global and act local’ approach. This will allow us to achieve great results.”
The firm’s plans to boost sales in the GCC include increasing sales beyond Europe, increasing competitiveness, and strengthening the central role of the customer and the agility of the company.
DAB Pumps have done numerous investments when it comes to research and development. He says: “Our commitment is continuously growing, thanks to the solutions that drive innovation based on simplicity. The electric pump sector is experiencing a fast and constant technological evolution, and we are always engaged in developing new products in our R&D department, where we allocate 3% of the company’s turnover.”
Elaborating on some of the products that the firm are bringing to the market in the near future, Menegazzi says: “We work to constantly improve our offer for the building services market, civil, commercial and public sectors, agriculture and irrigation, and for the management of applications from pressurisation to the management of loaded water. The new introductions are S4, which is a range of 4-inch submersible pumps, using solar energy, such as a Sun Driver; the new range of inverter control panels for ‘off grid’ photovoltaic systems; and the new Evosta Sol circulator. The other product is the NKV range, which are stainless steel multi-impeller vertical centrifugal pumps not only for civil, commercial and public sector applications, but also for agriculture and watering systems. In addition, there is the design and ergonomic technology of e.syline, a range of electronic booster pump systems with built-in inverter that ensure constant water pressure in residential and commercial applications. There is the DAB electronic high energy efficiency swimming pool pump called e.swim.”
DAB Pumps is present in 19 countries, with seven production plants –  five in Italy, one in Hungary and one in China, with a total staff of 1,500. Talking about his firm in general, Menegazzi says: “We have twelve sales branches and a new commercial representative in Dubai. Our turnover in 2017 exceeded 300 million Euro. The distinguishing traits of our company philosophy include high performance standards, commitment to sustainability and transparency, flexible approach focused on the customer, and entrepreneurial vision based on innovation and service. For over 40 years, DAB Pumps has specialised in the technologies for the distribution and management of one of our most precious assets: water.
“We have always had a presence in the Middle East, but during the last few years we have been able to consolidate our position in the region, thanks to a special commitment towards the development of dedicated activities. In addition to our local partners, we have also established a local commercial point of reference in Dubai, to directly support our customers. Our strength in this region is through D.Project, a service that follows professionals during all the stages of the design, with a complete and timely support package, and which has experienced an increase in demand of 50% (2018 vs 2017). We have a strongly planned and pursued growth, based on a more and more flexible and customer-oriented approach, capable of meeting the needs of our customers, both in terms of product and service.”

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