District cooling firm cuts off AC in Motor City, Dubai; developer to take legal action

A payment dispute between Union Property, Emicool and the owners’ association, Edacom, led the AC supplier to cut off electricity.


Residents in Motor City had their air conditioning services cut off over the Eid weekend after a payment dispute between their building’s developer, service provider and the owners’ association.

According to Gulf News, home owners received an email from service provider Emicool on June 10 explaining that a disruption to cooling services in common areas was due to ‘long overdue payments’ from building developer Union Properties (UP).


The email stated: “We are engaged with UP directly for our provision of cooling services to the common areas, and we are taking this action in accordance with our rights with UP.”

However, Union Properties denied they owed money to Emicool in a legal filing on the Dubai Financial Markets (DFM) website on Monday, and instead referred the case to their subsidiary, Edacom, the owners’ association, to collect outstanding fees.

The notice stated: “If there are any dues then the owners’ association in Motor City Edacom is the body concerned to deal with it as they are the only body specialised in collecting service fees from the owners.”

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