Empower provides district cooling to seven major sectors in Dubai

Empower’s smart district cooling systems rely on a longer operational cycle, which reduces cost for customers.


Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower) announced that it provides district cooling services to 7 major sectors in Dubai.

Out of the currently serving 1,090 buildings, 71% are residential buildings, 15% are commercial office buildings, 11% are hotel buildings and the remaining 3% are hospitals, educational institutions and universities, shopping malls and factories.


District cooling is the ideal choice for these key sectors as it contributes to environmental conservation by reducing carbon emissions and saving 50% of energy consumption compared to conventional cooling systems. In addition, Empower’s smart district cooling systems rely on a longer operational cycle, which reduces cost for customers.

“Empower works to support major projects in Dubai, notably hotels, hospitals, and the residential sector, by providing them with highly efficient district cooling systems that preserve the environment. The diversity of our customer base and the key sectors served by Empower is one of the major factors that motivated us to launch the Owner’s Guide for buildings served by District Cooling’ and an updated edition of the ‘District Cooling Guide’. The Guides aim to raise awareness among designers and building owners, from Dubai to the world, and provide basic information on calculating the production capacity required by the building area, as well as information on the benefits of district cooling services, and the methods of installation and operation of cooling systems,” said Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO of Empower.

Bin Shafar stressed that the adoption of the smart district cooling mechanism in these key sectors contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions from energy consumption, as district cooling is one of the energy efficiency accelerators previously announced by the United Nations (UN).

“Developers have recently recognized the importance of adopting district cooling systems, and thus, have become very common among them, because they represent a huge and environmentally friendly technical advance that contributes to reducing water and energy consumption in a more efficient and reliable manner. District cooling has become an essential factor in the planning and design of modern buildings, especially among the GCC countries,” noted Bin Shafar.

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