Eurovent Middle East seeks greater collaboration as it welcomes UL into fold
Jul 08, 2019
MD Mark Lattner outlines plans to create awareness in the market for safety, new tech, and regulation
Jun 24, 2019
Engie Refrigeration has launched a redesigned air-cooled QUANTUM series
Empower participates in the 110th IDEA Conference & Tradeshow 2019 in USA
Jun 19, 2019
The conference stresses the importance of district cooling as a strategic option to ensure energy efficiency in the future.
Empower takes part in discussions organised by UN to promote district cooling globally
Jun 16, 2019
The 5th Annual Partners’ Forum was held from 11-14 June 2019 at Copenhagen, Denmark.
AC services restored in Dubai MotorCity common areas
Jun 13, 2019
Accordinc to a statement, Union Properties "ensured that there will be no service disruption in the future".
District cooling firm cuts off AC in Motor City, Dubai; developer to take legal action
Jun 12, 2019
A payment dispute between Union Property, Emicool and the owners’ association, Edacom, led the AC supplier to cut off electricity.
Empower launches summer campaign to reduce district cooling consumption
Jun 09, 2019
The campaign helps customers to reduce their district cooling energy consumption during summer period by encouraging them to set the AC thermostat to 24°C.
Taqeef replaced 44 AC units across two charity schools in Sharjah and Umm Al Qura
Jun 04, 2019
The upgraded AC units not only enhance the quality of the classroom environment, but have also helped the schools to become more energy efficient.
Eurovent Certification introduces high ambient conditions to the VRF certification programme
May 30, 2019
The amended VRF certification programme certifies according to ISO 15042.
Empower connects district cooling services to ICD Brookfield Place in DIFC
May 30, 2019
ICD Brookfield Place is directly connected to the DIFC Northern Campus and Gate Avenue.
AI to push district cooling sector forward, Empower says
May 27, 2019
With the advancement of AI technology, Empower will continue its efforts to employ smart and advanced district cooling systems.
Eurovent members elect Naci Sahin for a second term
May 26, 2019
The General Assembly has furthermore adopted a new membership structure, which shall ensure the long-term sustainability of the Eurovent Association beyond the background of changing boundary conditions.
Carel appoints new group chief sales and marketing officer - refrigeration
May 23, 2019
The appointment is aimed at strengthening the focus and coordination of the sales & marketing processes.

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