Airtek Engineering Solutions unveil JAF air filtration range

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Afreen Arif, General Manager at Airtek Engineering Solutions, explains how its new JAF air filtration range can help boost and maintain  indoor air quality amid the coronavirus outbreak.

In our daily life, the HVAC industry plays a significant role.


Whether it is rural or urban, the indoor environment, in which we spend 90% of our time on average, plays a significant role in having a healthy and peaceful life.

Moreover, since the world’s population is ever-growing, there is always a demand for construction and renovation of buildings, such as housing premises, industrial developments, hospitals and healthcare related facilities and many more, with due attention for HVAC requirements providing good indoor air quality (IAQ) for occupants.

Indoor air can be on average two to five times more polluted than the immediate surrounding outdoor air.

Without proper filters, indoor air may come into contact with outdoor air contaminants and pollutants that originate in the indoor ambient, making it worse than the outdoor air.

Indoor air may be contaminated by particulate matter (dust), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) due to organic materials such as paints, room fresheners and perfumes, and O-zone  and halogen-based pollutants from household machineries such as refrigerators, copiers and printers.

The Covid-19 pandemic is teaching us even more about the importance of having good IAQ, since airborne contaminants can affect immunity, hindering the fight against the deadly virus.

The World Health Organisation has agreed that Covid-19 could be airborne longer than suspected in the form of aerosol transmissions, with transmission through droplets containing the virus on surfaces. The newly-invented Lunacleen Hepa filter can eliminate 99.99% of infectious contaminants by absorbing aerosol droplets from the air.

So, using proper ventilation techniques with accurate filters are more important than ever to save valuable human lives.

Airtek has responded by launching Japan Air Filter (JAF) Air Filtration products in the UAE.

JAF, which is one of the market leaders in this industry in Japan, was founded in 1960, and has provided extensive air purification products and solutions across the world.

JAF is passionately committed towards the mission of being one of the leading air filtration companies, supplying genuine products that can contribute to preserve the global environment and demonstrate best performance in the air purification industry.

JAF’s emphasis is on continuous improvement in its product line through a qualified R&D team. The company also offers products and services to customers with the highest level of satisfaction guarantee.

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