LG launches Dual Vane Cassette that delivers better air flow


LG has launched its Dual Vane Cassette, a 4-way ceiling mounted cassette equipped with a dual vane on each side.

With dual vanes, the new cassette adjusts air flow precisely to provide pleasant air flow, regardless of spaces.


Since the conventional 4 Way Cassette is equipped with a single vane on each side, it is not able to adjust air flow scrupulously. However, Dual Vane Cassette is equipped with eight vanes in total and generates better air flow with six different modes.

The new cassette is suitable for commercial facilities such as offices, hospitals, cafes and schools as the innovative capability of Dual Vane Cassette gets rid of the discomfort that users may feel when exposed to indoor air conditions for a prolonged period of time.

Each mode of the Dual Vane Cassette offers different air flow optimized for particular spaces. First, Smart Mode adjusts air flow on its own to keep the ideal temperature all the time, which is suitable for offices. The Up/Down Swing precisely controls the direction of the wind to enhance comfort, making it a desirable function for cafés.

Indirect wind controls angles of air flow and fits best for hospitals with patients who need quality air environments. Furthermore, places with a high ceiling can leverage Direct Wind while schools can use Refresh Mode which affects brain waves. Lastly, shops can apply Power Cooling / Power Heating for fast cooling and heating as well as saving energy.

Its Full 3D Fan decreases air resistance while making high air flow and low noise (45dB(A)). Also, the size of the inlet is increased by 33% and the outlet doubled its size. Bigger inlet and outlet allow for faster cooling and heating air flow. In other words, it is highly efficient at a low sound level.

A thermopile sensor reads floor and ceiling temperature to calculate the most pleasant room temperature for users. Also, a human detection sensor finds users to provide their favorite air flow. It sends cool air flow to places where users are located and indirect air flow to places where there are no users.

Moreover, by detecting the absence of users, it switches on and off for a maximum of 54% power saving. Furthermore, Dual Vane Cassette 5 guarantees 99% sterilization with a powerful five-step air cleaning system. These sensors are varied over models.

Suraj Kumar, Technical Manager-Air Solutions, said: “The Dual Vane Cassette will help businesses find efficient air system solutions when considering the function by spaces. LG will continue to develop various products best optimized for diverse spaces.”

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