Contained UVC technology enables air sterilization in indoor spaces while people are present

Unit has been lab tested and certified with the ability to reduce more than 93% of bacteria and viruses from the air in just one hour.

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TLM MENA has unveiled a new air cleaning device to sterilize indoor air.

Developed by its European manufacturer, TechLumen, the air sterilization unit has been lab tested and certified with the ability to reduce more than 93% of bacteria and viruses from the air in just one hour of use.


Beyond one hour the device effectively wipes out any threat of airborne microbes in enclosed spaces.

Using an advanced UVC technology to neutralize microbes in the air safely, the device will enable businesses with high footfall to protect their patrons from illnesses that are airborne as aerosol or may be circulated from air conditioning units.

Recent studies from global experts have indicated that viruses including coronavirus may remain in the air for more than one hour as aerosol. Contact with infected aerosol within the indoor atmosphere can lead to disease transmission. 

“The best way to reinvent ourselves and our society amid the coronavirus pandemic is to develop ways to safeguard ourselves using innovation and technology,” said Yannis Grigoriadis, managing director of TLM MENA, the distribution arm for the European manufacturer TechLumen.

“Extreme circumstances call for extreme engineering. The engineers at the manufacturing plant TechLumen have done just that with the introduction of an air cleaning device that can significantly reduce the bacterial and viral charge from indoor spaces using UVC technology.

"We are proud to be able to introduce this device in the market as a significant advancement towards protecting ourselves from the current threat.”

The device, named Sterilumen UT-225, is lab tested and certified by two European laboratories and is proven to effectively neutralize viruses, bacteria, protozoan, yeast, fungus, etc. It is a careful and precise combination of UVC light, the spatial proximity within the device, and the time contaminated air is moving within the Sterilumen UT-225 that enable these results.

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The system draws in the contaminated air and eliminates the viruses/bacteria through various UVC channels, and then delivers clean air back into the room. Each unit can clean up to 300 cubic meters of open space in one hour. The UVC will effectively kill the viruses and clean air is released through a carbon filter system.

Sterilumen UT-225 has been specifically designed and manufactured to accommodate the need for air sterilizing in populated spaces such as restaurants, offices, classrooms, hotels, airports, gyms, entrances, and clinics.

The device is 100% safe around people; the UVC radiation of this device is completely isolated within its walls making it safe for anyone in proximity. This device has been tested and proven in laboratories wherein people were present for 12 hours.

Grigoriadis added: “Daily use is recommended for a safe, virus-free environment. Surface sterilizing, while also necessary, is not sufficient in providing complete protection against viruses.

"It is important that the air we breathe in closed spaces is sterilized and virus free. For example, the problem arises when although a public space is being continually sterilizing surfaces, there is currently no way to sterilize the atmosphere while people are still present. So, what happens if an asymptomatic person is in the room without realizing his/her status?

"It’s not possible to spread vapor to disinfect the entire space, nor can we use an open UVC light, while people are present. Sterilumen is the only solution to keep the microbial load of the atmosphere as low as possible while people are still in that space.”

Laboratory results have been proven by both testing facilities to show that the Sterilumen UT-225 can kill 93.2% of all microbes within the first hour (the tested space was 100 square meters).

The results complement CDC recommendations for UVGI, which is considered as an effective method in reducing the transmission of the airborne bacterial and viral infections by the organization. There are no known microorganisms that are resistant to the UVC exposure.

UVGI has been used for over 40 years for disinfecting drinking water, air, pharmaceutical products and surfaces against human pathogens.
Sterilumen UT 225 has been tested by Qlab and Eurogenetica.

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