Comprehensive solutions and strong relationships help fischer Middle East secure success

Amit Malhotra, general manager – sales, at fischer Middle East, dicsusses the future for the MEA construction sector

Amit Malhotra, general manager – sales, at fischer Middle East.
Amit Malhotra, general manager – sales, at fischer Middle East.

What are fischer Middle East’s plans for the upcoming year?

Middle East is the dream home for millions across the globe and all nationalities from the world take part in building the nations to be an ever growing potential investment option. There are surprising developments and the market is evolving to new heights like never before.


We see that the construction sector in Middle East and Africa will grow at the fastest pace globally in 2019 and 2020 as regional governments continue to invest in infrastructure projects and rebuild conflict areas. In addition, KSA has opened up multiple opportunities attracting many industries.

The year 2019 started with a good note but slow payments were a problem in the Gulf region, and we were able to do a considerable amount of business from various industries. This year will be a game changer for fischer UAE as a subsidiary. We have presence in Kuwait, Kenya, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Pakistan as we’re focusing on consistent and realistic growth and we aim to achieve double digit growth from that of last year.

fischer’s growth will come from targeting new market segments be it in the mid-market segment, oil and gas sector or OEM. We’re sure that the journey is exiting and we foresee to achieve many milestones.

What are some of the current challenges facing the industry?

While we push ourselves towards new segments, the industry is always challenging as there are complexities with many new entrants, differential pricing, and non-branded-low priced products vs. the payment terms.

For the construction sector, the major change that is taking place is the need for many companies to integrate Building Information Management (BIM) into their workflow. This means extra demand for BIM-skilled engineers and skilled labour to propel it forward.

The other area we see a potential challenge that would change the way we do business is being innovative and providing a proper product mix, foresee the changes and being prepared.

How important are fixing products for the MEP sector?

fischer being an innovative solutions provider, our pillars of strength and growth are MEP products, which are the integral part of any construction. fischer has developed the high flexible installation grid out of the individual components of the fischer SaMontec system, which will help architects.

As a German brand, fischer fixing solutions consistently provides superior engineering products which are high in quality that reaches the end user after many R&D, stringent test procedures, QC, approvals and innovation to the emerging trends of the industries expectation.

Please elaborate on some of your current projects in region and expansion plans?

Because of fischer’s product range, technical support, competitive pricing, network and logistics our products are recommended and used in many projects be it in metro projects or Expo 2020, and in residential or commercial industries.

We also believe that we don’t sell products. We build relationships by providing a complete solution. Today fischer is the brand that is preferred by engineers in the region and we’re proud to be part of the nation’s growth.

What is fischer’s strategy of coping and competing under current tough market conditions?

We’re happy that our product mix is complete in all aspects providing comprehensive solutions and we’re geared up with a list of innovative products. We’re also cautiously taking decisions of expanding and providing other solutions apart from fastener. We have our own intelligent inventory management system that allows us to keep a track on the existing stocks and projections, thereby striking a right balance in terms of demand and supply.

As a strategic move over a period of time, we also plan to have a warehouse hub that would allow us to cater other Asian markets and further reduce the cost of operations

In addition, consumers are restless and looking to make changes in their buying decisions. You need to help them find your products and services by getting your name out there. Last but not the least, we focus on customer centric marketing activities that brings more value to the business and the people around us, be it project or trade there is whole lot of activities planned to increase fischer’s market share and mind-share.

Our brand visibility is our key focus and now many people can see that. We deeply want to engage with the end buyers and understand their pain points and address them.

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