New company to focus on smart MEP technologies

Saad Taher, managing director, Smart MEP Solutions CO SESCO, talks about his decision to start a new company that focuses on smart MEP technologies.

Saad Taher, managing director, Smart MEP Solutions CO SESCO.
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Saad Taher, managing director, Smart MEP Solutions CO SESCO.

Saad Taher, managing director, Smart MEP Solutions CO SESCO, has a load of experience behind him. Having founded Emirates Falcon Electromechanical Company (EFECO) in 2001, Taher has already learned the tricks of the MEP trade. Talking a bit about the journey from EFECO to Smart MEP Solutions, Taher says: “It was good journey. When we started EFECO in 2001, it was good challenge to start a new MEP company in this region. We learnt a lot.

“I started Smart MEP Solutions at the end of 2016, and again, the new challenge is to start from the beginning. But now I believe the market really needs a new concept. A new way of doing MEP works.”
He says that the traditional way of executing MEP is not correct. “That’s the reason we call this company Smart MEP Solutions because we think it is the time to have new solutions for the MEP sector. We need to understand how to overcome problems, how to have better results, and how to be a team player in the construction sector,” Taher says.


Despite the company being just one and a half year’s old, after witnessing the facilities and the staff and learning about the projects they have undertaken, one would say that the company has been going strong for at least the last
several years. 

About last year

Taher says that the year 2017 was spent in setting up the business, preparing the facilities, recruiting the right people, staff and engineers, and later, introducing the company to the sector. He says that Smart MEP Solutions specialises in all aspects of MEP contracting building services (especially the off-site prefabrication works) and that the company, although new, its staff has more than 25 years of work experience in the UAE and Gulf region.
Talking about the market, Taher says: “It [market] is very demanding. There are a lot of projects. In the coming two years, there will be much more projects for the MEP services and utilities.”
“We are targeting some projects here in the UAE. We are looking for several projects such as shopping malls, residential buildings, villas etc. There are plenty of projects where we can apply our off-site fabrication and modular techniques. And it will make things better for the clients and for the
main contractor.”

Off-site construction

The main aim of the company, according to Taher, is to add value to the market. “Modular construction is our main focus. We don’t claim that we are the first one to do this. We are trying to improve off-site fabrication. We are trying to put it on the forefront to the construction and MEP sector. And that’s the reason we can work with any MEP contractor.”

Taher says that for the last few years, not many people were accepting the idea of modular construction. He says: “Everybody was afraid of such new ideas. Now I think it is totally different. A lot of developers, clients, and consultants believe that this is the best way to improve this sector. With off-site construction the advantages are reduced time, better planning, better procurement, more coordination, less clashes, better quality, reduced or controlled labour, less wastage of materials, etc.

“I think the market is changing. Everybody looking for less manpower, less personnel onsite. I believe in the next two years modular construction will be completely essential in this region. In Europe, USA or Canada they have been using this method for the last 20 years and it has been successful.”
Several companies here in the region are already adopting prefabrication.  He says: “A lot of companies are using prefabrication for their in-house projects. The idea now is to apply this and to be like a supplier or a
specialist supplier for even the MEP
companies or any contractor. A lot of companies, such as BK Gulk were pioneers in this, and they started may be six to seven years back. 

The prefabfrication facility at Smart MEP Solutions.

MEP sector

In the MEP sector, it is possible to have high quality and low cost, but at the expense of time, and also, to have high quality and a fast project, but at a cost.
On that note, the MEP sector needs to be more organised, says Taher. Taher adds: “The MEP sector should try to improve its quality because going lower in prices is affecting the quality and products. 
When it comes to the market drivers, Taher says: “Price is what drives the market. The other thing is the quality and capability of MEP contractors. It all depends on how the clients, main contractors and consultants look at these MEP companies to be able to deliver products and projects on time and in the right and proper quality.”

Smart MEP solutions

What are some of these smart MEP solutions?
The idea of off-site prefabrication and to improve and develop that idea to suit the construction sector in the UAE region is the way forward. Taher says: “People had initially said that modular construction will not comply with the construction sector here. But now everybody likes the idea. And of course, this idea originated through engineering, coordination, and by using BIM. This new construction method will help to avoid a lot of problems which exists in the traditional method. People want to work faster.

“Our off-site fabrication is totally based on robotic engineering and coordination. This in my opinion, will reduce a lot of problems happening in the construction sector and MEP services. This will push everybody in the beginning to put all the required information to be able to be done by BIM. Because if you don’t have the complete information and fully procured materials, items, from all parties, civil, architectural, MEP, etc., you will not be able to do off-site fabrication properly. And usually, in the traditional method, if you proceed with work without having this coordination, then you will have to repeat the work and make changes, and then there will be then lot of disputes.”

Taher concludes by reiterating that they are trying to be a part of the MEP sector by adding value to it. “We plan to improve this sector by new techniques, and better ideas. We plan to have better quality at a reduced cost.”

Watch the video below to see Taher says about the Middle East MEP sector embracing modular construction.

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