Taka Solutions appoints Craig MacMenomay as engineering director
Jul 15, 2018
MacMenomay has a degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Colorado and is a member of the UAE Society of Engineers.
Off-Site Engineering Solutions appoints new  global head of modular system
Jul 15, 2018
The appoinment was in line with the firm's expansion of its modular engineering and construction consultancy in the MENA region.
On ISO 16890 standard and selection of air filters
Jul 09, 2018
Nigel Hawley, managing director, Camfil Middle East, writes about the new global ISO 16890 standard and selection of air filters.
We need to rethink our approach to enhancing IAQ, says Dr. Iyad Al-Attar
Jul 04, 2018
With today’s advances in HVAC and air filtration, providing an appropriate indoor climate for people is within reach.
MEP design sector lacks talent in ME region, says recruitment expert
Jul 03, 2018
BIM coordinators and engineers are in great demand.
Solutions needed against contra charges and variations in contracts, says MEP contractor
Jul 01, 2018
Subhash Pritmani, SEMCO’s vice president for general management, talks about the flaws and loopholes in contracts that affect MEP contractors.
Comment: Why indoor air quality must be better understood?
Jun 27, 2018
Regular AC duct cleaning is essential for good IAQ.
The MEP sector should adopt software to manage cash flow, says expert
Jun 10, 2018
Andrew Skudder, CEO, Construction Computer Software (CCS), talks about managing cash flow through its software solutions Candy and BuildSmart.
Comment: Leveraging the power of IoT
Jun 07, 2018
By Dina Tamimi, director of Smart Cities & Industry Verticals for Honeywell’s high growth regions.
Comment: For smart cities, you need smart people
May 31, 2018
There should be smart people who propagate the idea of smart cities, Hala Yousef, head of sustainability, Cundall, writes
MEP sector in ME region sees rise in use of robotic total stations, scanning technology
May 31, 2018
Brad Freeman, regional manager, Trimble, says that 3D Laser Scanning is prominent in the region with contractors purchasing laser scanners.
Brand View: Understanding indoor air quality
May 29, 2018
Improving indoor air quality helps everyone in the long run, says Shaher Rajha, lead mechanical engineer, Lacasa Architects & Engineering Consultants

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