Leminar 'tests its mettle' during coronavirus pandemic

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Adversity can bring out the best in people, and it’s no different for organisations and companies.

For Leminar, the challenges of the pandemic provided a chance to ‘test its mettle’.


General Manager Kartik Raval said: “Considering the construction industry did not halt during the pandemic we were right there to support the construction industry with being solution providers and product supplies.

“Covid-19 posed an added challenge as social distancing and decongesting of workplace norms were brought into place.

“Despite the challenges, we have fulfilled a record number of deliveries in this period, with visibly less staff and less working hours.

“During the pandemic, we undertook a couple of projects that proved our mettle in being the unique solution providers of HVAC and plumbing products.”

Indeed, at the height of the lockdown, Leminar was able to launch the Rheem Innovation Centre - an experiential and learning arena for all things air conditioning.

Raval said: “A revolutionary step towards skill development, the centre seeks to impact the contracting community by creating a repository of knowledge and provide training to bring out best-in-class skills among contractors of the HVAC industry in the UAE.

“With this digitally forward facility, Rheem will continue to upgrade the level of training offered to its strong network of contractors and offer technology updates to its clients and customers.

“While Rheem has six such high-tech, hands-on innovation learning centres across the US, it is with the able support and partnership of Leminar that helped the launch of the first-ever centre in the region.”

Leminar is a silver sponsor at this year’s MEP Middle East Awards.

Raval said: “MEP Awards and recognitions gives the organisation an international stature for its quality and services, and appreciates the value added to each project.

“Being a part of such a prestigious awards forum, we embrace our calibre to continue offering unparalleled services in the region.

“We thrive in the industry with our expertise and would continue to remain a part of the forum, adding definite value to the HVAC and plumbing industry.”

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