Voltas recognises changing client needs in disrupted climate

Voltas General Manager, Operatios Internatioanl Business Group, AR Suresh Kumar
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Voltas General Manager, Operatios Internatioanl Business Group, AR Suresh Kumar

Innovation and efficiency has taken on an enhanced role for Voltas in 2020.

Leadership has recognized a plethora of client and staff needs borne from the current climate, and has moved to ensure seamless internal operations despite external pressures.


“We recognize the need to be increasingly efficient and cost effective in all our activities. We recognize the need to be increasingly innovative with our solutions and approach to execution. We recognize the need to drive continuous improvements on all fronts.

“Voltas has been among the few companies to adopt technology at every stage of project monitoring and execution. Right from equipping foremen with handheld devices to using RIFD for tracking the presence and movement of workers, Voltas has been on the forefront of digital transformation.

“The company uses dashboards to track project progress in near-real time, thereby enhancing the quality and timeliness of decision making. Voltas uses pre-fabricated modules wherever possible thus saving time and reducing manpower on site, thereby increasing efficiency of execution and quality of installations.

“The company has a manufacturing facility in Dubai where pre-fabricated modules are made. Further, Voltas looks at best practices in the construction and industry and learns from best practices other industries to enhance its capability and prowess.”

Voltas has been able to minimize coronavirus disruption by drawing on four decades of experience in the region.

The company’s immediate goal is to ensure profitability in our core competency areas of MEP projects, DCPS, FM, Retrofits and Waste Water treatment in existing geographies, but plans are unfolding for the future. 

“We have launched activities related to solar power generation for installations ranging from roof top to larger plants. We have plans to offer and execute all our services across our market and expand into adjacent services and markets.

“We will continue to follow our judicious approach of assessing opportunities carefully to ensure that we deliver successful projects on time, within estimated costs and to a high quality and standard.”
Voltas is a Gold Sponsor for this year’s MEP Middle East Awards, underlining a long-term commitment to the wider MEP and HVAC sector.

“Voltas has always looked forward with great interest to the MEP Middle East awards as it is among the top events in the industry. Industry recognition and endorsement is a source of encouragement and motivation for all companies.

“We also look forward to contributing to thought leadership in the industry through such forums. Voltas is happy to be a Gold Sponsor to support the effort of bringing industry leaders together on a common platform.

“This will be the first major event in Dubai for the MEP industry allowing in-person networking (with adequate precautions, of course) and exchange of thoughts and ideas.

“We continue to be committed to the industry and to our clients for a long time to come. The pandemic has posed challenges but it has also offered opportunities and learnings which we should build upon.”

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