ALEMCO wields mighty weapon to cut through coronavirus challenges

Kez Taylor, ALEC CEO, collected the Lifetime Achievement prize at the 2019 Construction Week Awards.
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Kez Taylor, ALEC CEO, collected the Lifetime Achievement prize at the 2019 Construction Week Awards.

'What if' can be a viewed as a double-edged sword - but ALEMCO (a subsidiary of the ALEC Group) has wielded it as a mighty weapon throughout the coronavirus pandemic. 

While many firms in industries across the world have suffered by being reactive to the current climate, the contractor has adopted a proactive approach to the crisis.


"ALEMCO reacted to the crisis very early and put great effort into drawing up ‘what-if’ scenarios with detailed strategies behind each.

"We moved directly to an online digitized tracking and management platform that allowed us to keep control of all cases and their contacts ensuring we were able to look after our people as well as communicate in real time. A dedicated, senior level crisis team met daily discussing the changes in the situation and adapted our strategies on the spot.

"To guarantee the safety of all employees, the team developed 'the COVID-19 online register' providing our Health and Safety team with primary information for both staff and laborers.

"The register helps us trace our employee’s primary direct contacts, meetings attended in the last two days, movement/travel history as well as their symptoms.

"The system is designed to track the whole process from the time a case is suspected by raising an online questionnaire, undergoing the COVID-19 test, getting the test results, quarantine, and receiving clear status.

"The register is accompanied by a live dashboard that visualizes the number of cases, along with their status, providing us with a quick insight and enables faster decision making.

"We also set up various communication platforms to always be as accurate as possible as fast as possible when delivering key information – from a new dedicated intranet platform hosting internal and all external documents to several well-managed WhatsApp groups, we have covered them all. Well planned Communication and a solid collaboration made our company stronger than ever.

"ALEMCO is focusing on a digital transformation to improve efficiency, sustainability and to transform the MEP Construction industry. These implementations are providing maximum safety for employees as well as ensuring productivity and enhanced collaboration during the pandemic.

"Time wasted on a project can lead to weeks of delays, by using an execution platform to create automated alerts, collect digital signatures, and keep project documentation updated, companies automatically ensure their projects continue to move forward at all times."

It means the company can start putting together a clearer picture of how 2021 will shape up.

Unsurprisingly, a continued march to a digital operation is among the top objectives on the agenda. 

"ALEMCO’s current and future plans for the region is to continuously establish new benchmarks for project delivery. Digital transformation and innovation is the future for ALEMCO and how we will approach projects within the region.

"Working on iconic projects, recognized for their quality we have fully adapted the BIM process. Our centralized BIM and Engineering team have proved to be a significant success for ALEMCO.

"In addition, focusing on energy saving methods and how our team can incorporate it in projects moving forward, building towards a more sustainable future. As a team we are continuously finding ways of future proofing the business and assessing how we are able to innovate and diversify the construction industry as a whole."

ALEMCO is a Gold Sponsor for this year's MEP Awards.

"The MEP awards allow companies to highlight work they have done to others in the industry, share accomplishments, gain recognition, and lastly set industry standards. In addition, it increases the levels of brand awareness and loyalty for future projects.

"The MEP awards event is a time ALEMCO employees look forward to as it gives the team time to bond outside of work, celebrate our achievements and hard work as well as network with those within the industry."

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