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The name Geberit is synonymous in first-class quality, outstanding functionality, good design and a complete system approach.

As Gabriel Nassar, Managing Director Rep. Office Gulf for Geberit International Sales, says: "MEP professionals have come to appreciate uncompromisingly high stands when it comes to Geberit sanitary systems." 


With almost 150 years heritage in sanitary technology, Geberit has played an active role in shaping the global developments in the industry. For Nassar, continuously optimizing and extending the product range is crucial for future success, whatever the current climate. 

Despite the restrictions enforced due to Covid-19, the supply chain at Geberit remained largely intact during the first six months of the year. As a result of the ongoing uncertainties in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is still not possible to provide an outlook for the construction industry at present.

Nassar said: "However, thanks to its strong foundations and very solid balance sheet, Geberit will continue to pursue its strategic and operative priorities as before.

"There should be no compromises made when it comes to the existing strengths of the company, nor should any measures be taken that would harm its current position or future potential – such as a reduction in R&D efforts and budgets, for example.

"I am convinced that Geberit is well equipped and positioned to meet current and upcoming challenges in order to emerge stronger from the global economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic."

One of the firm's success stories has been the launch of Geberit SuperTube technology and realisation of the first regional project with the system currently being installed.

Geberit SuperTube, a drainage system that saves space by dispensing with a parallel ventilation pipe and using smaller pipe dimensions.

The technology is based on the perfect interplay between four system components. Three clever fittings coupled with the tried-and-tested Geberit HDPE discharge pipe with its high load-bearing capacity combine to create an innovative hydraulic solution that also brings clear additional benefits.

The optimised product geometry of Geberit’s HDPE Sovent fitting guides the water into the stack and sets it in rotation causing it to press against the pipe wall.

The resulting annular flow creates a stable, continuous column of air on the inside facilitating a discharge capacity of 12l/s. The newly developed Geberit PE BottomTurn and Geberit PE BackFlip bends divert the water in the horizontal pipe in a way that ensures that the column of air is constantly maintained. This prevents overpressure or negative pressure, which could negatively impact the discharge capacity.

MEP Middle East is proud to have partnered with Geberit as a sponsor of our annual awards ceremony once again, this year as a Platinum sponsor. 

Nassar said: "The MEP Middle East Awards is renowned as one of the most important calendar dates in the region.  As the awards will be attended by individuals and companies who have contributed to the impressive skylines in the region, the iconic projects, the innovative systems and solutions installed in these projects, it is a very important event for Geberit to support and participate in.

"We are very much looking forward to celebrating the success of the industry professionals who have shaped the mechanical, electrical and plumbing business who have been nominated to receive an award this year. It will be an honour for us to interact with those talented individuals and firms at this year’s awards."

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