World Water Day: Value water and use it smartly because at times of uncertainty

“There is no better time to reflect on the importance of water than World Water Day".

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To mark this year’s World Water Day, smart water management and alternative energy solutions Metito has emphasized the importance of water during times of uncertainty, such as the fast evolving situation with the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19.

The world is focused on finding a treatment and a vaccine for Covid-19, while helping the ones already affected as a priority. The World Health Organization, together with medical experts and local governments can’t emphasize enough the importance of healthy hygiene habits including washing hands frequently with soap and water as a proven preventative measure to contracting the coronavirus. To date, this is the most recommended preventive action.


To maintain the access to safe water supply, across the world, for use in fighting the spread of Covid-19 and in other day to day usages; every individual has a role to play in preserving and efficiently managing the world’s water resources through responsible usage and minimizing water wastage.

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“There is no better time to reflect on the importance of water than World Water Day, especially given the pandemic we are all facing now. I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to preserve our water resources as during difficult times, whether this is climate change, natural disasters or pandemics, water proved to be the most valuable resource supporting global communities and providing a much-needed lifeline to all,” commented Mutaz Ghandour, Metito Chairman and CEO.

Metito is the leading provider of choice for total intelligent water management and alternative energy solutions worldwide for over 60 years and has been a vocal advocate of water preservation and smart water use with multiple reach out campaigns and projects, helping communities in the most arid locations around the world.

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