Azizi integrates sustainability best practices across its communities

Azizi integrates high-efficiency air cooled chillers with variable speed drivers and heat recovery systems into MEP designs.

Azizi developments, UAE Vision

Azizi Developments is implementing a multitude of sustainability best practices across its communities to develop smart and sustainable residences that achieve a balance between economic and social development.

Azizi aims to minimise its environmental impact while lowering residential costs and promoting the health and comfort of its occupants, and help preserve the environment, in alignment with UAE Vision 2021.


For its MEP designs, Azizi integrates high-efficiency air cooled chillers with variable speed drivers and heat recovery systems, used between the fresh and exhaust airstreams in its handling units, helping fine-tune its operational efficiency. Pumps with variable frequency drives are also integrated.

Additionally, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) pipes and ducts are shielded thoroughly with thermal insulation to minimise energy loss.

Through the installation of its home automation systems, as well as LED light fixtures that replace incandescent bulbs and consume up to 90% less power, residential unit energy is made even more efficient.

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Mohammed Ragheb, executive director engineering division at Azizi Developments, said: “We strive to create an exemplary, sustainable development model through our projects, from conception to construction.

“As one of the leading developers in the emirate, it is our duty to ensure that our developments reflect the latest global trends in green buildings.

“This is a win-win for all stakeholders involved, as developing sustainably not only helps us and our residents save costs, but also preserves the world we live in."

Azizi Developments also follows strict measures in its interior designs, installing LED lighting fixtures and sanitary ware with flow reducers and sensors that meet and surpass respective regulations.

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