Rajiv Ravindran Pillai

The technology that keeps Dubai's La Perle cool and hydrated
Jul 29, 2018
Dubai’s La Perle, an aqua theatre, uses 2.7 million litres of water to simulate effects such as rainfall and floods. Rajiv Pillai explores the moving parts behind the scenes.
MEP Conference 2018 highlights
Jul 04, 2018
MEP Conference 2018 held on May 9 brought together more than 150 government bodies, developers, MEP contractors, consultants, engineers and architects.
MEP sector needs to be quicker in adopting technology
May 29, 2018
The construction industry hasn’t changed its building approach much in the last 150 years, says Dimitri Papakonstantinou, managing director at Plafond.
Poor indoor air quality can affect health
May 21, 2018
Panellists at the MEP UAE Conference 2018 reveal the importance of choosing the right indoor air quality products.
MVL Firestop: There is more focus on firestop scope in projects
May 08, 2018
MEP contractors, DCD inspectors and other stakeholders put more focus on firestop scope in projects, says Karim Elshafie, general manager, MVL Firestop.
Proper ductwork and insulation can help save energy, say experts
May 05, 2018
Ductwork and insulation are things that are hidden from an HVAC system, but can be responsible for major energy savings if done well. In a roundtable organised by MEP Middle East, various experts gathered to discuss the importance of ducting and insulation and why it should not be ignored.