CW Guest Columnist

Construction sector must innovate to tackle global warming challenges
Jan 07, 2018
DC PRO Engineering CEO George Berbari says to industry leaders that the region’s construction sector must start to innovate
Top five tips to reduce operating costs in the UAE's large buildings
Nov 07, 2017
Large buildings can especially suffer with excessive cooling loads, lack of effective insulation and glazing, and inefficient energy or water conservation systems.
Collaborative approach to MEP using BIM
Oct 05, 2017
Collaboration with BIM will enhance communication and trust among stakeholders
Expert: Data is key in building smart cities
Oct 05, 2017
Khaled Charif, director of technology and innovation at NXN, reveals how data is the main ingredient when it comes to creating smart cities
Lessons from London's 2017 Grenfell Tower fire
Sep 25, 2017
In a ConstructionWeekOnline exclusive, Irving Schnider outlines the key lessons that the GCC's construction sectors can learn from the London fire this June
Can better contractor selection mitigate project delays?
Sep 10, 2017
Careful selection of contractor and collaboration through joint risk mitigation is key to the successful delivery of construction projects