EarthSure looks to Middle East markets

US renewable-energy entrepreneur lauds region

Ray Saluccio, founder of EarthSure of the US
Ray Saluccio, founder of EarthSure of the US

A US entrepreneur who has invented a patent-pending system for transforming the exhausted air flow from central air-conditioning units into a source of renewable energy says “the Middle East represents a very significant market for all novel alternative energy process.”

EarthSure Renewable Energy Corporation founder Ray Saluccio says the company will definitely be targeting the Middle East. “We are currently designing large commercial WindAir units for hospitals, schools, retail spaces and commercial buildings. EarthSure has finished its research phase, and is now embarking on searching for funding and strategic joint ventures,” commented Saluccio.

The WindAir system uses the warm air flow from the exhaust of a traditional air-conditioning unit and drives it into a secondary fan turbine system. This secondary system has an electric-generating mechanism that transforms the wind flow into free, clean renewable energy, which is then inverted into the electric meter of the home or office building.

This renewable energy has the capability to reduce the increase in electric used by the air-conditioning system by generating enough electricity to send it back to the meter, thereby turning the air-conditioning unit into an actual ‘sub-power station’. So every time you turn on the central air or cooling systems, your electric bill goes down instead of up.

The  secondary-stage fan turbine will also offset the increased electricity load in summer, which is a particular problem in the Middle East. The system’s ‘shroud’ design will also absorb the operational sound of air-conditioning units so as to minimise the noise pollution output. The ‘shroud’ design also captures more of the air-conditioning unit’s exhausted air, and funnels it in a more concentrated fashion, with less waste of the air stream, which equates to a higher electrical output.


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