Trane on top of refrigerant phase-out

Main benefit is that new products will be 10% more energy efficient

Trane's light commercial products marketing manager, Michael Merritt.
Trane's light commercial products marketing manager, Michael Merritt.

Trane has used the opportunity to phase-out R22 refrigerant in favour of R410a to introduce new features and benefits across its product range.

“From a US perspective, we have to achieve this phase-out by the end of the year. We will no longer be able to manufacture products using R22 as a refrigerant from 2010,” explained light commercial products marketing manager Michael Merritt.

The impact on Trane’s global markets, especially the UAE, will be minimal. The first product to use the new refrigerant has already been sold in the region, where ‘green’ building and environmental awareness are fast gaining acceptance as a best-practice business approach.

“I am here to educate customers and the sales team on the reasons for the transition, as well as the features and benefits of the new products, in addition to the precise timing of the phase-out. A lot of resources have been applied in the US and design centres around the world in order to complete the transition. We have been working on it for a number of years,” says Merritt.

“We have used the transition to redesign many products. The range has been upgraded, so it more or less comprises essentially ‘new’ products. The main benefit for end users is that the new products, particularly in the light commercial range, will be roughly 10% more energy efficient.

“We have also added some features that will be available as standard on R410a products, such as phase monitors, which helps protect the equipment from an electrical perspective. We are also ensuring some additional flexibility with the basic features while at the same time updating the refrigerant,” explains Merritt.


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