Swiss firm announces copper cabling advance

New technology allows clients much greater bandwith and quality

R&M regional managing director Jean Pierre Labry.
R&M regional managing director Jean Pierre Labry.

A new RJ45 connection module that meets the Cat. 6A standard as specified by ISO/IEC has been unveiled by Swiss cabling specialist Reichle & De-Massari (R&M).

The new module differs substantially from the Cat. 6A products available previously on the market. The small difference in spelling (the capital ‘A’ written as a subscript letter with the new module) actually signals a revolutionary advance in copper twisted pair cabling and high-frequency data transmission.

“Cat. 6A is the key to new maximum performance and greater operating reliability in data networks,” commented R&M Middle East and Africa MD Jean Pierre Labry.

“Our customers in the region, ranging from telecoms providers to operators of data centres and building and corporate networks, can use the new Cat. 6A components to obtain substantially more bandwidth and transmission quality in the long term without abandoning the compact, reasonably-priced RJ45-style connector to which they are accustomed.”

The new module incorporates several innovations at once. For instance, the R&M Development Lab has found a new way to shield the individual copper twisted pairs in the body of the module. Electromagnetic interference affecting the highly-sensitive signals, known as crosstalk between the wires, is avoided to an unprecedented extent.

R&M calls this feature the deciding factor for enabling high-performance data transmission in the future, even beyond 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Even at this demanding level, no tool is required to terminate the twisted pairs error-free and with absolute precision. That makes the termination of the Cat. 6A module virtually child’s play.

For reasons of quality and safety, R&M advocates installing data networks based on the new ISO/IEC 11801 standard. This standard specifies the most rigorous physical requirements for the channel (Class EA) and for the components (Cat. 6A).

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