The top pump products in the Middle East's MEP market

A look at a few pump products in the market

SPECIAL REPORTS, MEP, Sectors, DAB FK pump, Middle east, Pump products
SPECIAL REPORTS, MEP, Sectors, DAB FK pump, Middle east, Pump products
SPECIAL REPORTS, MEP, Sectors, DAB FK pump, Middle east, Pump products
SPECIAL REPORTS, MEP, Sectors, DAB FK pump, Middle east, Pump products

DAB FK pump

FKV line of submersible pumps is ideal for collection stations in large public buildings

FK is the new DAB professional submersible wastewater pumps.


FK claims to guarantee reliability, efficiency and ease of maintenance, which are important values for installers and maintainers.

Suitable for the transfer of wastewater in public buildings, industries, subways and parking lots, the FK range has been designed for pumping wastewater with varying solids contents: from the drainage and surface water, up to residential wastewater; from wastewater with high fiber content up to industrial wastewater.

It has new IE3 premium efficiency motors that drastically reduce energy operation costs. Given the low running temperatures, their operation is guaranteed up to 40°C, for higher temperatures.

It has a single standard cable that encloses power and signal inputs together, which reduces drastically the possibility of problems due to cuts or leaks. The FK also has a single-unit cartridge seal which is a great advantage for maintenance of the pump as it allows the removal and insertion of the seals in less time.

Xylem’s e-HM multi-stage pumps

The pumps are close-coupled design and are equipped with non-standard motors

The e-HM series is a modern, robust designed pump.

Its main offering is great hydraulics with best-in class efficiency combined with IE3 motors mean the lowest possible operating costs. It has thick sheet metal casing, high-quality bearings and stainless steel that guarantees a long service life. It also has high-efficiency hydraulics, motor and thick sheet metal pump body keep the noise level to a minimum.

The e-HM is a non-self-priming, end-suction horizontal multistage, high pressure centrifugal pump, with axial threaded inlet and radial threaded outlet. The pumps are close-coupled design and are equipped with non-standard motors. The e-HM is equipped with mechanical seal. The e-HM are highly modular pumps that are fitted with an innovative hydraulic design that secures high efficiency performances and an increased Mean Time Between Failure.

The  compact design is made of one single piece fabricated stainless steel pump body directly connected to the motor flange. The “compact” has only one O-ring for the sealing of the casing that clearly reduces the leakages possibilities.

The e-HM series and the different available configurations and standard options have been designed to cover a wide range of applications in industry from washing and cleaning machines, to cooling and heating applications, through water treatment and filtration processes.

Grundfos CR vertical pumps

The Grundfos CR vertical, multistage, centrifugal in-line pump family works for water supply, water treatment and almost any industrial solution – including those for high-pressure, hot, dangerous, flammable and aggressive liquids.

The CR is available in different configurations through four modules: motors, shaft seals, pump modules, and connections.

Grundfos offers a “mix and match” modular approach, so you can configure a pump that meets your exact needs. The basic CR pump range is available in four different materials: cast iron, two grades of stainless steel and titanium. Thirteen flow sizes are capable of producing up to 180 m3/h at 50 bar, with a variety of shaft seals, rubber materials and supply voltages.

The company optimises pump parts that are typically vulnerable to difficult liquids or demanding operating conditions.

The company also offers highly efficient “E” version pumps with a built-in frequency converter or pumps with an external frequency converter (CUE). These combine the very best of pump technology with highly efficient motors and variable speed drives. You will never use more energy than you need.

Shakti Solar Pumps

The pumps provide 40% more discharge than its competitors

Available in the range of 1 HP-100 HP, India-based Shakti Solar Pumps has newly designed its solar pumps sets based on its signature fabricated technology for the best discharge and value for money.

Shakti Pumps gives 40% more discharge than its competitors and other ordinary pumps sets.

This technology is neither dependent on electricity nor on diesel, and therefore, people at remote locations can also avail the benefit of Shakti Solar Pumps and enhance their cropping area with regular water supply through the solar pump.

It has been observed that due to frequent voltage fluctuations most of motors get burnt and for the maximum time they are lying at service centres. However, Shakti Solar Pumps claims to generate constant and good quality of energy which enhances the life of pumps by up to 25 years.

Other motors require high torque when it is operated by electricity, but Shakti’s new solar technology doesn’t require it. It merely affects the rotor which enhances the pumps’ life; on the other hand, other electric operated pump’s life reduces and it is not able to give half of the discharge of Shakti Solar Pumps, the company states.

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