Expert: MEP critical to IoT design in buildings

Aecom Middle East's Georges Basmaji outlines how Internet of Things (IoT) systems can be linked with MEP to improve building functionality

Georges Basmaji, director of buildings + places at Aecom Middle East
Georges Basmaji, director of buildings + places at Aecom Middle East

The role of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) expertise is essential while developing Internet of Things (IoT) systems for buildings, an expert told MEP Middle East.

Georges Basmaji, director of buildings and places at Aecom Middle East, said that Dubai has become a hub for smart services, and has led the way in implementing new technologies in the Middle East.

He said: "The MEP industry in GCC countries is striving to live up to the expectations of end-users, as well the technologies thriving in the current market.


"MEP plays an important role in the development of IoT design within buildings, as well as externally.

"In smart cities, air, water, environmental factors including wind, temperature, traffic, parking and so on can be integrated with IoT sensors and real-time information can be shared with end-users through apps on their smart devices." 

Basmaji said Dubai has led the "firsts" for tech roll-out in the GCC. 

"This includes driverless metros and trams, drones and unmanned aerial vehicles being used for security and safety operations, and city and traffic surveillance using cameras.

"Almost all [of Dubai's] governmental agencies are using apps and offering smart services through devices."

To read Basmaji's entire views, check out the issue #1210 of MEP Middle East, which will be out in the first week of October 2017.

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