Interview: Reem Dayoub, Lacasa

Reem Dayoub, MEP director at Lacasa, talks about her journey in the company and the latest trends in the MEP sector

Reem Dayoub, MEP director at Lacasa.
Reem Dayoub, MEP director at Lacasa.

Reem Dayoub, MEP director at Lacasa, went through a tough and triumphant journey to get to where she is now.

After being ranked in the top five of her Mechanical Engineering graduating batch of 1999, Dayoub was hired to teach on a full-time basis as a teaching assistant at the same university. In addition to her teaching position, she was simultaneously pursuing a Master’s degree in solar systems and working as an MEP engineer with one of the leading engineering firms in the country.

Dayoub moved to Dubai in 2003, a time when the construction industry was growing within the UAE. She says: “I worked on hundreds of projects with various consultants and contractors, rapidly climbing the executive ladder. In 2008, I joined Hydro, Lacasa’s sister company where I worked on various projects. In 2012, I joined Lacasa’s head office as an assistant MEP manager where I further refined my skills, working on a multitude of complex and multi-disciplinary developments in the MENA region.”


In only five years of her working stint with Lacasa, Dayoub was able to gain exceptional experience by working alongside talented, skilled, and professional engineers and architects, tackling the most challenging projects. In 2016, Dayoub was promoted to MEP director, heading Lacasa’s MEP discipline where she went on to expand the service offerings and to recruit a strong team of electrical and mechanical engineers.

Dayoub owes her success to her team-oriented management skills. She says: “Successful management in our industry is measured by our ability to ensure the delivery of the highest standards of design on time, without hindering quality. As the MEP director, my priority is to foster a team-oriented environment where synergy is maximised. I believe that by doing so, my team is able to deliver great results while working under pressure in order to meet the demands of the industry.”

Dayoub does admit that the work can get stressful at times; however, she  strongly believes that every team member should be satisfied with his/her work as well as the overall office environment. “I am constantly supporting my team within the firm, as they are the best assets I have; they are the reason behind my success,” she adds.

Talking more about her organisation, Dayoub says that Lacasa has invested in setting up a full in-house MEP team as an added service to its design and supervision offerings in order to provide clients with a true one-stop-shop approach. She says: “At Lacasa, we believe that all design disciplines must work under the same roof in order to ensure full collaboration across the entire project. As MEP engineers, we are able to be involved in all projects from conception all the way through to construction. We collaborate, coordinate, and work alongside our concept designers, structural engineers, and interiors department to ensure that the best holistic solution is provided to our client.” Dayoub elaborates that, as an MEP deparment, they have found the perfect balance between efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness in their designs. She adds that Lacasa is fulfilling its future development plans to become the leading MEP service providers in the region by recruiting top MEP engineers and designers.

Enunciating on adopting some of the changing trends surrounding the MEP sector, Dayoub says: “As a firm, we are becoming a fully equipped BIM provider for our clients. We are doing so by ensuring that every architect and engineer undergoes the best Revit and BIM training in order to sustain the same level of proficiency and quality across all departments. We are also recruiting Revit/BIM-specific specialists to ensure the best results.”

Furthermore, Dayoub says that they are also in constant contact with the authorities to ensure that the company adheres to the highest international standards of MEP design and construction by attending several seminars and workshops hosted by the authorities. She adds: “With the region moving towards Green Building standards, we have emphasised the importance of the way we design MEP systems on the surrounding areas. We keep abreast of the latest technologies by taking a hands-on approach on learning about the most recent systems available while working with international suppliers and conducting oversees factory visits.”

Dayoub reveals that despite all the competition in the market, Lacasa is ahead of the game. She proudly says: “Our key advantage is our emphasis on quality across all of our design disciplines. At Lacasa, we believe that collaboration is the cornerstone of an efficient, quality-driven, and iconic building. By offering a multitude of services within the same practice, we are able to provide our clients with holistic solutions. We believe that as consultants, it our duty to act as advisors to our clients. We do so by making recommendations based on the market requirements and trends. We have done so by constantly adding on service offerings in response to the market demands, with infrastructure being our latest discipline to join the roster.

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