Advenser: BIM is more than drafting and modelling

Harikrishnan K, general manager at Advenser, says BIM should not be limited to drafting and modelling activities

The above image is for illustrative purposes only.
The above image is for illustrative purposes only.

Building information modelling (BIM) should be defined not only in terms of drafting and modelling, but also in terms of informative and analysable data.

This is the opinion of Harikrishnan K, general manager of Advenser, who is working to raise awareness about the added value that can be offered by the technology.

“With BIM, the designers get to utilise the wealth of information they are exposed to," he said. "It also eradicates the time lag in redundancy and also reduces the need for re-work. The most pleasing factor about BIM is that it can mitigate the unforeseen and unwanted loss of money and material. BIM is able to produce the most accurate schedules and bill of materials (BOM) for construction purposes.


"Depending on the need of a customer, a new parameter is introduced called Level of Detailing (LOD), a reference to specify and articulate with a high level of clarity the content and reliability of Building Information Models at various stages in design and construction process,” he added.

Commenting on BIM's ability to facilitate communication and collaboration, Harikrishnan added: “The model is a real-time platform where the parties involved can collaborate with each other and will get updated on any changes being made on the model irrespective of their location. The developer, consultants, contractors, or subcontractors are hardly known to each other, but working on a common platform helps them not to lose the essence of communication happening on a daily basis. BIM ensures peak performance and optimum results as it helps in sequencing the steps of operation.”

 Advenser has business development offices in the US and UAE, and an engineering centre in India.

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