Local launch of energy rating system

BRE Group has launched a customised version of its energy rating system BREEAM


BRE Group has launched a customised version of its energy rating system BREEAM, which is specifically designed for the Gulf. The rating system takes into account water conservation and energy issues in its new form.

Director of BREEAM Martin Townsend commented on the launch: “What we have done is we’ve made sure we have taken time to customise BREEAM so it really is completely appropriate for the Gulf region. We could have been here earlier in terms of having a standard but we felt it was much more appropriate to have the right standard rather than just bringing something here that has not been customised.”

The process of getting the system launched in the Middle East has been long one as Townsend revealed: “We have been talking about and piloting BREEAM Gulf for the last year and half, two years in total to make sure that the ecology issues and the water issues and the energy issues are really the right assessment processes for here. Now we feel we have got something that is robust and workable as a tool.”

He added that BRE used the experience gained in Europe and other countries across the world in order to properly develop the new rating tool. Townsend also revealed that in order for the system to be accepted in the region, there must be communication between BRE and industry members. It’s about people understanding and appreciating that we are serious. We’re not just walking into the country and trying it on, we want to be here for long run,” Townsend stressed.

“It’s about talking to people, understanding what their needs are, understanding how we can help with them, to really build up that working relationship and once you do that and understand what the current issues are for them and understand how we can work and adapt to respond to that, I think we can get there.”

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