DEWA retrofits to set the benchmark for future

Prevention of energy waste and greening of buildings for future efficiency is the focus of Dubai ESCO players

Retrofitting old buildings is the key to future energy savings
Retrofitting old buildings is the key to future energy savings

Implementing the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy (DIES) will be driven by the retrofitting of key government-owned buildings in the first phase under the management of Etihad Energy Services.

Stephane Le Gentil, chief executive office of Eithad Energy Services (ESCO), said DIES and the Demand Side Management Strategy, which is a sub-element of the DIES, had identified eight elements highlighting where energy was being consumed most in Dubai.

“In general buildings comprise a huge element of the total consumption,” said Mr Le Gentil.


“The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy looked at new and existing and subsequently created two distinguished programmes. One is for new buildings, which is being managed by Dubai Municipality (DM) and the other for existing buildings, which is being managed by Etihad (ESCO). Dubai is not an industrial city, therefore if you look at the weighting of energy consumption in Dubai, with the exception of Dubai Aluminium, the bulk stems from buildings,” he said.

With 60% of energy consumption coming from air-conditioning or cooling systems there is a keen interest in exactly how buildings are being cooled.

“Through the audits and assessments we’ve conducted so far, we’ve also noticed that a lot of work can be improved in this area. We’ve found buildings with very old systems that are totally inefficient and consuming a lot of energy. We’ve also come across modern systems with very advanced features, but when you look into them in a little more detail, you can see that those features are not operating properly. It is also not uncommon to find buildings where the cooling system is completely oversized,” he said.

Mr Le Gentil is a speaker at the Dubai RetrofitTech conference this week.


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