Makkah authorities chided for exposed power cables

Residents say shoddy work is endangering locals and causing power cuts

Residents of Makkah's Abu Shaddadin district are critical of the city's authorities.
Residents of Makkah's Abu Shaddadin district are critical of the city's authorities.

Exposed electricity cables in the Abu Shaddadin district of Makkah are drawing complaints from local residents who fear that they may cause death or serious injury to passers-by, especially children.

The community has also suffered from regular power outages in the last two weeks which some locals are attributing to the uncontained live wiring.

Vehicles and pedestrians regularly pass by the location of the exposed cables and some fear that their children might get an electric shock if they tamper with these cables without realising that they are dangerous.

Accusations of negligence have been levelled against the authorities responsible for overseeing the poor standard of workmanship and failing to take the necessary action to resolve the situation.

Imad Al-Sibyani, one of the residents in the district, told Saudi Gazette that the cables are causing the community distress, especially when it rains.

He said cases of short-circuits caused by the cables lead to power outages in most parts ofthe district, which has resulted in residents using their mobiles to illuminate their mosque during prayers.

Al-Sibyani called on the concerned authorities to deal with the problem, but another local resident, Khaled Ghabish, said the exposed cables have remained for two weeks in this state and none of the authorities have done anything to address the problem.

Ghabish also highlighted the problem at the mosque which he said is the only one in the district, and has been in total darkness suffering from a continuous power outage.

Mansour Hassani, also an Abu Shaddadin resident, said some of the neighbours have relocated to other districts due to the frequent power outages that occur especially in the afternoons when the weather is very hot and the air conditioners are not working.

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