Record breaking Yemeni power project inaugurated

Altaaqa Global plant operational 23 days after contract signing

The plant's inauguration was attended by Altaaqa Global executives and Yemeni government officials
The plant's inauguration was attended by Altaaqa Global executives and Yemeni government officials

Yemeni government officials have attended the inauguration of a 54 megawatt (MW) power plant that has taken a record 23 days to construct and begin operations.

The quick-fix plant, located in the province of Aden, is the work of temporary power specialist Altaaqa Global Cat Rental Power, and will provide up to 15% of the province’s summer electricity demand.

Engineer Khalil Abdul-Malik, director general of Yemen’s Public Electricity Corporation (PEC), said: “This is the fastest power plant ever built in the history of Yemen. It only took us 23 days from the day that we signed the contract till the day that we supplied electricity. This is a record breaking power project. The government, PEC and Altaaqa Global has worked diligently together to deliver electricity to the province of Aden.”

He added that “this power plant will alleviate the suffering of citizens due to power outages and reduce the power deficit.”

Steven Meyrick, managing director of Dubai-based Altaaqa Global, highlighted the involvement of local labour in delivering the project.

“With this new power plant, 95% of the workforce is local Yemeni engineers and the remaining 5% are from Altaaqa Global Caterpillar,” said Meyrick.

“We are committed to helping our immediate environs through a sustainable business model by creating employment opportunities in the areas where we operate. By hiring local talents in Yemen, we are proud to serve the community and contribute to their social lives. We have also invested a significant amount of resources to train the Yemeni workforce to ensure that our operation is still on its optimum level.

“In the end, we have passed on our technical know-how to the local workforce while maintaining our operational standards and processes. We will surely replicate the same process of hiring local people in other countries that we are planning to pursue in the future,” Meyrick added.

Peter den Boogert, general manager of business development of Altaaqa Global, said that the project team was able to meet its target despite facing harsh working conditions.

“Because of the successful collaboration between the Altaaqa Global workforce and the local Yemeni team, the power plants of 11kV and 33kV installation were completed as per schedule,” said den Boogert.

“Even during summer when it can reach up to 38 degrees Celsius, and during Ramadan when we are only able to work for a short period of time, we were able to complete the power project due to our strong operational and streamlined business process,” he added.

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