Trans Gulf preparing to launch FM division

Dubai-based MEP company to move into market within next two years

Sekhar Reddy, Trans Gulf's chief operating officer
Sekhar Reddy, Trans Gulf's chief operating officer

Trans Gulf is preparing to set up a Facilities Management division which will become fully operational within the next two years, according to Sekhar Reddy, Trans Gulf’s chief operating officer.

The company already operates a maintenance unit which has been catering to in-house developments and projects on which Trans Gulf had carried out MEP works.

Reddy said the company has been encouraged by clients and other parties to expand its sphere of operations into the Facilities Management market.


“We have been encouraged to move in a wider spectrum and enter into the open market where we could secure quite a few interesting projects – maintaining electro-mechanical in particular and maintaining certain other segments of the properties,” Reddy said.

“Right now the maintenance team is 200-strong and Dubai needs that. There a lot of beautiful buildings but they don’t have the necessary support, so that’s where we see a great opportunity,” he added.

Reddy said that the company has a timeline for commencing operations in mind and that the transition makes sense due to the overlap between the company’s current work and that involved in FM.

“In the next two years we will have a fully-operational FM unit. FM is a slightly higher-end version of what we’re doing already. If you see any property, the core element is the electro-mechanical, and everything else falls around it,” he said.

“But we do not want to rush, we want to have the right staff in place before we fully move into that segment, but already we are there,” he added.

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