Trans Gulf to set up training centre in India

Dubai-based MEP contractor links up with NGO to improve recruitment

Sekhar Reddy, Trans Gulf's chief operating officer
Sekhar Reddy, Trans Gulf's chief operating officer

Trans Gulf plans to open a training facility for technicians in India by the end of the year, the company’s chief operating officer Sekhar Reddy has revealed.

The company, like many others in the GCC construction industry, has found recruiting quality labour from the subcontinent a major problem for some time, according to Reddy.

The training centre, which will be established with the help of a non-governmental organisation (NGO), will also prepare the recruits for the challenges they face when working away from home.


“There is a lot of demand back in India and other parts of GCC countries, so getting a good technical hand is expensive and retaining them is a challenge,” said Reddy.

“Based on that, we feel the need to have our own training unit wherein a fresh candidate is given a six to eight week induction programme – a proper training, a proper grooming of what Trans Gulf and what the social network is,” he added.

Trans Gulf aims to induct 300 to 400 technicians in 2013 from the north-eastern Indian training base in Jharkhand, Behar, and will operate a similar training programme for supervisory and training roles in conjunction.

The initiative, which Reddy describes as “socially responsible” and “giving something back”, will aim to develop the trainees personally as well as professionally.

“The programme is well-structured to improve the personality of the individual in terms of their approach. We will have some yoga sessions and physical activities and then some exams,” he said.

Reddy added that, if the programme proves successful, it will be rolled out to other regions across India.

Read the full interview with Sekhar Reddy in October's issue of MEP magazine

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