BMS not understood in the Middle East, says expert

Research finds that clients do not know how to operate BMS properly

BMS is misunderstood in the Middle East, says David Budzinski.
BMS is misunderstood in the Middle East, says David Budzinski.

The majority of end users and clients in the Middle East do not really understand the concepts behind BMS (Building Management System) technology, rendering them ‘pointless’, a leading expert has said.

David W. Budzinski, Middle East regional manager, system products and building efficiency, at Johnson Controls, expressed his concern at the situation during an interview with MEP Middle East.

“With regard to technology and adaptation, what we have found here in the Middle East, as opposed to Europe and the US, is that there are times when a very high-end BMS system is installed and functions perfectly, but when that system is handed over to the client, it is no longer operated properly.


“There are manual overrides done, which basically defeat the purpose of the technological design that was done in the first place,” he explained.

Citing common examples from projects he has worked on, Budzinski said he would often find people going into plant rooms to loosen valves manually or adjusting actuators, which nullified the reasons behind installing the BMS system in the first place.

“Clients or building operators are not very educated on the capabilities of the systems, and they do not really understand the concepts behind what it is supposed to be doing.

"[BMS is supposed to] drive energy efficiency, scheduling, cost reduction, operational effectiveness, all these different things,” he said. “A lot of people do not realise the insurmountable power that a BMS system has.”

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