Hira Industries looks to Africa, India and MidEast

Expansion plans to Syria and Egypt stalled by political conflict

Manish Hari said Hari Industries will expand into Africa, India and the Middle EASt shortly. Picture: Supplied
Manish Hari said Hari Industries will expand into Africa, India and the Middle EASt shortly. Picture: Supplied

Hira Industries, the UAE based manufacturer, will look to expand its reach into Africa, the Middle East and India over the course of 2012, the company’s managing director said on Sunday.

In an interview with MEP Middle East, Manish Hira said that he saw the current year as an opportunity for the HVAC component, rubber and insulation product manufacturer to establish itself and stretch out into new markets.

“We want to increase our brand awareness by participating in more trade shows than we do. We’ll definitely need to be more visible in more markets, and that’s one of the targets for 2012,” Hira said.


“We’ve already got distribution networks already set up in Kuwait, Oman, Jordan and so on, and these countries are already doing quite well, so we’re spreading ourselves as much as we can,” he added.

“Obviously with the political situation there and around the Gulf, some countries might take longer than the rest (to establish in),” he said, but added that the Arab Spring could have an unexpected benefit for the UAE market.

“In fact, because you’ve got more people coming in, the hotels are more busy and that’s actually more encouraging for markets like the UAE, but of course, countries like Egypt and even Lebanon, which is nearby, the outcome of these countries is taking a little bit longer than expected,” Hira said.

However, the company does not intend to be a regional player for long, and there are plans afoot to expand into Africa and India, he intimated during the interview.

“In Africa, we already have distributions established in Algeria, Kenya, Nigeria and even Johannesburg. One of the strategies for the future is that we definitely don’t want to remain a regional player. Definitely, the long term plan is to take the company on to a more global manufacturing scale for the insulation business, and we are looking at different geographical areas to expand the manufacturing.”

“We haven’t exactly pinpointed where we are going to (go), but we are looking at places to consider,” he added.

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