Ecotherm begins fibre-fleece insulation production

Patents help provide 30% less heat loss compared to competing products

Ecotherm's patented closure strips will help reduce heat loss by 30%. Picture: Supplied
Ecotherm's patented closure strips will help reduce heat loss by 30%. Picture: Supplied

Ecotherm, the Austrian provider of solar, hot water and steam systems for hotels and hospitals in the Middle East, has commenced the mass production of an insulation system for its hot water tanks.

The company has expanded the production of its self-developed fibre-fleece insulation with patented closure strips and patented covering rosettes into its new production hall at their headquarters in Hartkirchen, project engineer, Christoph Lehner said.

“The insulation system with polyester fiber-fleece provides up to 30% less heat loss in standby mode compared to conventional insulations,” he explained. He added that Ecotherm had adopted the fiber-fleece technology after observing its success over several years in the clothing and automotive industry.


“The patented aluminium closure strip enables a simple, quick opening of the outer cover by only one person. The newly developed patented covering rosettes for the terminal sleeves ensure an optimal sealing through their self locking seat, and they prevent heat losses at the connections,” Lehner said.

The material fits perfectly to the shape of the storage tank, and as a result, can help prevent the so-called ‘chimney effect’. The fibre fleece insulation material will be produced, without chemical additives, from PET bottles and will be 100% recyclable, said Herbert Bremstaller, CEO and company founder.

“We also offer a complete production system for companies that want to establish an insulation production. For an efficient production (level), at least 5,000 insulations per year are required,” he added.

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