Metito scores $9m STP upgrade contract in Iraq

Upgrade to see Karbala's Freeha sewage plant capacity increase

Population growth in Karbala means investment is needed in water infrastructure. Photo: Getty Images.
Population growth in Karbala means investment is needed in water infrastructure. Photo: Getty Images.

Metito has secured a contract worth $9m in which will involve the upgrade of Karbala’s main Freeha Sewage Treatment Plant.

The upgrade, which sees Metito join forces with Balad Al Khebra, is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2012 and will, upon completion, see the plant capactity increased to accommodate 60000m3 of effluent per day.

"Iraq is striving to improve infrastructure across the whole country which will create interesting opportunities for the water sector," said Mustafa Hasan, GM of Metito Jordan, Iraq and Syria. “In fact, Iraq is continuing to move forward with its strategic plans to invest in infrastructure which was clearly reflected in its commitment to invest $5.3bn in new projects over the next two years.


Mohammed Al Ezzi, General Manager Balad Al Khebra, added:"The plant was built in the 70s in the suburbs while it is now considered to be the epicenter of Karbala. The city is witnessing a population growth and an increasing number of visitors which urges the need of such investment into the water infrastructure. Our work will ensure an improved quality of the treated effluent while eliminating odour problems in the surrounding area among other implications."

While Metito's operations in Iraq spans over 30 years, this is the first time the intelligent water management products provider is working with Balad Al Khebra.

"The Iraqi Government is committed to improving the lives of the Iraqi people through strategic infrastructure projects and as leaders in the water and waste water industry in the region, Metito has the expertise, local knowledge and a world-class technical knowhow than can ensure delivering the most practical and intelligent water management solutions for such projects," confirmed Mustafa Hasan.

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