Gerab acquires rights to sell Articmaster in UAE

Green energy company aims to help increase HVAC energy savings by 20%

Gerab looks to launch energy efficient HVAC in the UAE. Picture: Shutterstock
Gerab looks to launch energy efficient HVAC in the UAE. Picture: Shutterstock

Gerab Energy Systems has acquired the rights to market the products of Articmaster, the US HVAC manufacturer, in the Emirates, it was announced on Wednesday.

The new energy saving HVAC system is designed to increase energy savings by 20% for all HVACs, from one to 1,000 tonnes. The green technology will also extend the life of compressors without any additional maintenance required.

“Enhancing energy use efficiency is the cornerstone of the UAE’s vision for a green economy for sustainable development. With demand for power and water increasing, and the cost of delivering and using electricity also on the rise, it is important for customers – both residential and commercial – to focus on measures to optimise energy use management,” Adnan Sharafi, director, Gerab Energy Systems.


“Air conditioning accounts for a large proportion of the electricity usage in the region, and by introducing Articmaster’s patented and award-winning energy saving technology to the UAE, we’re confident of achieving greater energy efficiencies in the sector,” he added.

The portfolio of products being released by Gerab Energy includes the newly introduced Articmaster Heat Exchanger Optimiser, the Airconsaver and the Voltis ranges.

All of these cater to industrial, commercial and residential users, as well as helping to reduce energy consumption, Sharafi said.

“(The) line of products helps in lowering carbon emissions, another key goal of the sustainable development strategy of the UAE. This will add a new dimension to the available energy saving technology in the region,” added Francy Joseph, of Gerab Energy Systems, Dubai.

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