Trane chillers for India now Eurovent-certified

Trane plant in Charmes, France supplying Eurovent products to India

Trane's RTAC-XE chiller.
Trane's RTAC-XE chiller.

The Trane plant in Charmes, France has been awarded Eurovent qualification for the testing of air-cooled chillers greater than 600kW. The Charmes facility tests HVAC systems distributed in India.

Eurovent testing and certification of all water-cooled air-cooled chillers with a capacity up to 600kW is carried out by independent laboratories.

Since these laboratories are not able to test air-cooled chillers greater than 600kW, manufacturers can obtain official certification if their test loop meets the Eurovent standards.


These standards are equivalent to the European Standards EN14511 for cooling and heating capacity.

The AquaStream3G, CGA and CGCL air-cooled chillers from Trane were already Eurovent-certified for the entire range. The air cooled RTAD and RTAC systems had been given Eurovent certification up to 600kW.

With the new qualified test loop, the RTAD and RTAC range above 600kW now also receive this certification. This means all Trane air-cooled chillers are now Eurovent certified.

The test loops in Charmes provide Trane customers in India with a fair standard for comparison among HVAC systems.
Each single air-cooled chiller that leaves the Trane Charmes factory will be tested in this new facility, ensuring that all components operate and perform in accordance with design specifications.

"We are pleased to be among only a handful of testing facilities in Europe that are qualified by Eurovent," said Rajesh Sikka, Trane business leader in India. "The Eurovent certification brings clarity and transparency. It also shows the Trane commitment to deliver systems with high levels of performance and reliability."

Eurovent, the European Association of Air Handling and Refrigerating Equipment Manufacturers, certifies the performance ratings of air conditioning and refrigeration products according to European and international standards.

The objective is to build customer confidence by increasing the integrity and accuracy of industrial performance ratings.

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