Terrain aims to raise drainage standards in Qatar

Polypipe focuses on lead-free PVC drainage systems for Doha

Drainage systems often need to perform under extreme circumstances.
Drainage systems often need to perform under extreme circumstances.

The recent launch of the Terrain Pleura drainage ventilation system from Polypipe, in conjunction with Studor, brings global experience of preventing, and dealing with, drainage issues in some of the world’s tallest buildings, where new challenges are now being experienced with both high-rise and super high-rises.

“The Terrain Pleura system can be utilised to balance the pressures within the drainage system, and to provide protection for the water-trap seals while significantly reducing the pipework required in traditional installations,” says Polypipe Gulf FZE GM Robin Appleby.

For example, this means a reduction from traditional three-stack plumbing (soil, waste and vent) to twin stack (soil and waste), or even single stack, combining the piping to achieve major cost-savings from a material, installation, labour or even space perspective.


Tower blocks and sports stadia are two building types where drainage systems need to perform under extreme circumstances, let alone the challenges that new architectural designs bring to the building services team.

“Architects are designing more and more challenging structures, all of which prove the need for engineered solutions,” says Appleby.

Qatar is likely to have its fair share of iconic structures for 2022, and Polypipe is focusing on above- and below-ground lead-free PVC drainage systems for the Doha market.

“While the market across the world has seen a major downturn for construction projects, the Gulf region is still busier than most, and the projects tend to be on a much larger scale,” says Appleby.

“The slowdown has also seen clients looking for better value for money, and they even have time now to be more selective when choosing materials to ensure best practice at best cost.”

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